Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A surface look at Psychotropic Drugs - Pt II

Due to Popular demand(Who the hell am i kidding ??? ) ... im putting up the second part of the post on Drugs... Enjoy


Cocaine and crack are both stimulants with powerful, but short-lived effects. The big difference is that crack is much stronger and more addictive than cocaine.
Coke is a white powder that's usually divided into lines on a smooth surface and snorted up the nose with a rolled up tenner or a straw. It can be smoked and is sometimes made into a solution and injected.
AKA:- coke, charlie, C, white, Percy, snow, toot.


Cannabis is prepared for human consumption in several forms:

Marijuana or buds, the resin gland-rich flowering tops of female plants.
Sinsemilla or sensemillia, flowering tops which are free of seeds as a result of being grown in a pollen-free environment. Since no plant energy can go into seed formation, this version is higher in psychoactive components.
kief or kif, a powder containing the resin glands (glandular trichomes, often incorrectly called "crystals" or "pollen"). It is produced by sifting marijuana and leaves.
Hashish, a concentrated resin made from pressing kif into blocks.
Charas, produced by hand-rubbing the resin from the resin gland-rich parts of the plant. Often thin dark rectangular pieces.
Bhang, prepared by the wet grinding of the leaves of the plant and used as a drink.
Hash oil, resulting from extraction or distillation of THC-rich parts of the plant.
Residue, when smoked through a pipe all of the above will cause black goo to create a film on the sides or collect in certain knooks depending on it's shape. This can be collected and resmoked.
Minimally potent leaves and detritus, called shake, bush or leaf.

AKA :- Bhang, black, blast, blow, blunts. Bob Hope, bush, dope, draw, ganja, grass, hash, hashish, hemp, herb, marijuana, pot, puff, Northern Lights, resin, sensi, sinsemilla, shit, skunk, smoke, soap, spliff, wacky backy, weed, zero. Some names are based on where it comes from... Afghan, homegrown, Moroccan etc
(I couldave go ON AND ON about cannabis , But then i didnt Wanna make it any more long and boring than it already is !!!! )


Heroin is a natural opiate. It's made from the morphine which comes from the opium poppy. Like many drugs made from opium, including the synthetic opioids like methadone, heroin is a very strong painkiller.

Heroin sold as 'brown' is sometimes used by clubbers as a chill out after a big night out. Brown is still heroin, some people mistakenly think it's not as addictive.

Heroin comes as a white powder when it's pure such as that used by doctors. But thanks to the range of substances it's cut with, street heroin can be anything from brownish white to brown.

It can be smoked, snorted or dissolved in water and injected.

AKA :- Brown, skag, H, horse, gear, smack.

9)Crystal MEth

Methylamphetamine (commonly referred to as methamphetamine) is one of a group of a psychostimulant drugs called amphetamines that act on the brain and nervous system.

Illicit methylamphetamine is produced in tablet, powder, or crystalline forms. These products are taken orally, snorted or can be prepared for injection, but unlike amphetamine, methylamphetamine can also be smoked.

The powder is sometimes referred to as 'crystal meth', but this term is more often used for the purer crystalline form, also known as 'ice', 'glass', 'tina' and 'christine'.

The tablet form is sometimes referred to as 'yaba'.

10)Magic mushroom

Magic Mushrooms are mushrooms which grow in the wild that produce similar effects to LSD when you eat them. There are two main types and they are both very different.

The most common form is a species called psilocybe, the other more potent variety is amanita muscaria. There are deadly poisonous species of amanitas. If you don't know what you're doing, don't take them.

Psilcybin mushrooms are small and tan coloured and bruise blue when they're touched. Amanita Muscaria are more like the red and white spotted toadstools you see in fairytale books.

After picking, they're both either eaten raw or dried out and stored. Most people take between 1-5 grams.

AKA :- Liberties, magics, mushies, liberty cap, psilcybe semilanceata, psilcybin, shrooms, Amani agaric, Fly Agaric.


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