Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tagged!!! Sigh

Just as i was relaxing in peace.... I hear the much dreaded words... "TAGGED" (Again???? Right in the middle of exams??AGAIN???) Wat am i doing relaxing in the middle of my exams u ask?? heres something for u ... MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS or find ur name in the number 1 spot on my revised hate List!!!!! Which brings us to the topic of today - 10 things i absolutely hate...THen again , continue reading only if youre prepared to waste another 10 minutes of ur life!!!Ok this im gonna enjoy !!! However much it sounds like ... im NOT a hater :D :D :D !!!!

1) Ok this one Dedicated to the more serious stuff everyone hates politics , terrorists, bad hair days yada yada... Yeah similar to kartoos!!(Though i didnt flick it from her mind you!Now that we are done with the serious stuff yaaaaay.... On with my oddities !!!)

2) People who think high skool children commit crimes in skool because They are inspired Heavy metal and games like Doom !!!! Wat a load of crap!! I listen to metal , Ive finished doom , 3 times Back to back . Do u see me walking to skool with a gun ?? (Ok u cant include the time i went with the hatchet....the principal.... trust me she was PURE EVIL!!! )

3)Server problems - Since ive been using the net for a long long long long time...Nothing gets to my nerves more than server problems.... Logging into Yahoo... Awaiting a mail from the special someone....... o Wait......i cant log in ???? whats this ??? Yahoo is experiencing Server problems , please try after a decade ...WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME MY MAILS ... AARRGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or lets take yet another day in orkut..... logging in.. Huh ??? 40 scraps ???? PEople actually scrap me ?? Cool .. lemme check it out.... Click click , HUH???? Bad bad server ?? wat the???? I swear One more time i see the stupid page Ill go insane !!!

4)Silly Forwards - Send this to a 100 people in 30 seconds or Your crush is gonna go out with ur neighbour!!!!! I can proudly say that not once have i FOrwarded something as Crappy as chain letters !!! But wat if the curse of the chain letter really works u ask???? If it did then by this time i would be Bald, half naked and starving , sitting in a remote Tibetan village with yaks while my love life is on a permanent vacation(Not that my love life is really blooming now...but thats really unwanted info :D ) in mauritious with my best friend who doesnt realize the value of my friendship to him since i didnt send him the "Send it back to me , if youre my BEstest friend" mail...!!!! Get a life!!

5)Wannabes showing off - band of guys running around in their 4 wheelers With their sound systems going BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! I mean is there ever music in it ??? all i can comprehend from outside is a couple of loud bangs and booms... I hate to think of wat the poor blighter must be enduring inside...just to show us outsiders how loud his sound system is...... for your info I DONT CARE how loud it is ok??? So why dontcha do urself a favour and turn IT OFF!!!

6)Dammit i Hate writing out tags !!

7)I hate hip hop......... but i could never Stand that genre of music.

8)I hate it when PEople start shrieking and screeching for no reason..... Especially the high pitched ones.... It takes A lot for me .... NOT to go and give them a piece of my mind.(I think i still have the hatchet!! * EVIL GRIN *)

10)I Hate ASSIGNMENTS !!!(OK its lame....So BITE me!!!)
for the people woldave noticed the fact that i jumped from 8th point to the 10th.... Its 12:07 midnight , and i have a bad cold...So Gimme a break !!! OK ...the best part , I get to spread the i tag The Free Bird . Till i get tagged again... Bye bye Blog!!!