Saturday, January 28, 2006

My first post ..Yada yada
Yes i am new to blogging...And no im not going to fret on about how i dunno what to write in it and stuff !! Please excuse the non sense . WHy void main u may ask ? To the people Who has no clue on what void main is .... Ignorance is bliss my friend! Youre better off without me trying to explain what it is to you. To the rest , I just wanted to imply that Ull get in best Zero Value addition after reading my blogs ! So the return type! (Ok .. i did warn u about close encounters with extreme nonsense here). And Just to make things clear , i am NOT a programming freak, Just a normal Extra sarcastic person who cant find any better uses For C Key words! Apparently Im supposed to be an engineering Student.(Though the future doesnt look too bright!) How better to spend the last two days before the series Exams than Start on a brand New Pastime (Blogging this time).Ok Now that oughta sum me up academically. I wouldave described more of my hidden inborn talents ....(Yapping , Getting in to hopelessly bleak situations, blah blah .......... ) , but The presence of Sticks and stones in You people's hands tell me Youre not very amused about the above idea... (Dang!! things were starting to get a whole lot interesting) , Anyways im not pushing my luck , Criticism Always welcome , (ahem flattery can get u everywhere Ahem), Till the next time then
Adios amigos