Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tagged : The birth of void main

Void main was solely created so that one of my dear Friends Could tag me and make her life simpler (OK kartu , u Owe me Big time!! ) ... And yes , I just got Tagged !! For the less informed Tagging would mean i havta Give 8 points on My ideal Lover (Lips like jolie , ahhh and pamela anderson's ... ohhh Was i thinking out loud????? :-D ) .Im supposed to mention The sex of my ideal lover (WHAT THE???? o well rules are rules) .
Sex of my lover : FEMALE!!
and my 8 points are ..........
1) She must be broadminded enough to give me the space i need .
2)Id preffer it if she was Frank about all her opinions , Not solely agree with me on whatever nonsense i speak ( To be read as EVERYTHING i speak)
3)She must have her priorities and principles right!!(She must pay her taxes regularly??? oh please gimme a supposed to get 5 more points !!!)
4)I would like it if she had a very high threshold to Highly sarcastic people With a dry sense of humour!! ( Yeah im guilty of being one among that Group )
5) She Should share at least some of my interests music , books , anything common which we could talk about!!
6)She should be a strong believer in "forgive and forget" (oooo boy im gonna need that a lot!!!!)
7)She should be a good cook :-D (Sounds lame??? Youve got better points wiseguy ??? )
8)I dont give much importance to Looks. After all its the purity of the heart that counts ...ok who am i kidding??? lets just cut the crap... If u look anything like Yana in the picture given above Then Call me Darling!!! Im single and waiting!!! (could i BE more clear :-D ?)
Wooohooo, done with the 8 points.... now ive to tag 8 OTHER PEOPLE ????? and i thought getting 8 points about my lover was tricky!! Since i have only One person in my list right now... im tagging Her... A very good friend of mine.. The Free Bird !!! Later then Mateys .. Ive got some unfinished Buisness (Loading the shotgun!!) ... ohh kaaaartuuuu :-), where are youuuu???


kartoos said...

i am still alive shadow...when i tagged u..i thought u wud just write her name..:D...and u single??????? what the hell??????..she would be heartbroken...and dont think of commenting back that her name is yana...hope u two wud b going out in public i am not sure about the first statement i made :-S

kartoos said...

u r tagged againnnn